Bushcraft campout – March 2023


Bushcraft Campout – March 2023

Troop 410 and 2019 held our annual Bushcraft campout. The campout was packed with adventurous activities and informative sessions. Scouts had the chance to learn about knife and axe safety, foraging, identifying plants, first aid, and building shelters from natural materials. There was also lots of time for individual advancement work.

The scouts put their newly acquired knowledge into practice by building some impressive shelters on Saturday afternoon. Later that evening, they had the unique opportunity to spend the night in them. This was the first troop campout for many of the new scouts in the Raven and Nightstalker patrols, and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

On Saturday night, the scouts gathered around a bonfire down in the Pedernales river bed, making it a memorable experience for everyone. The campout took place at the Buckley Ranch, for the second year in a row. The Buckley family deserves special thanks for allowing the troop to camp on their ranch.

Overall, it was a thrilling and educational weekend for the scouts of Troop 410, and they came back with many new skills and memories to cherish.