Gear Makes The Difference

The right gear can be the difference between a great or challenging experience.

Troop 410 provides a chuck box for each Patrol to use on campouts but each Scout is responsible for providing their own gear. The Troop have loaner gear available, please check with the Troop Quartermaster for availability.

Gear List


Backpack (troop loaners available)
Tent (share with one or more scouts; troop loaners available)
Sleeping bag (in a stuff sack)
Sleeping pad
Mess kit (bowl and/or plate, fork and/or spoon)
2 1-liter water bottles
Change of clothes
Toiletries (tooth brush/paste, toilet paper, hand sanitizer)
Rain gear
Personal first aid kit
Scout Handbook
$10 for Sunday lunch on the way home

Cold weather:

Fleece or knit stocking cap
Hand warmers (air activated packs)
Dry clothing for sleeping, e.g. long underwear, wool socks
Wicking base layer (non-cotton to wick away sweat)
Lip balm


When backpacking without chuck boxes, each patrol needs to pack their own cooking gear

Backpacking stove and fuel; 1 for every 2-4 scouts (propane/butane canisters stoves preferred). All liquid fuels must be in well-marked approved containers, transported and stored by an adult, and used under an adult’s supervision
Dining fly (tarp used as a rain fly for the cooking and eating area)
1 quart pot (to boil water for cooking)
Freezer bags for “cooking”
Trash bags (pack it in, pack it out)
All gear should fit in or be strapped on to the backpack

What not to bring:

No personal electronics are allowed on campouts, but may be used in the cars while traveling
No sandals – closed toe shoes are required for all Scout activities
No personal food or snacks. The grubmaster will provide all the food for the patrol.
No food in backpacks or tents (to keep the critters away).


Day pack or fanny pack (for day hikes)
Pocket knife (with your Toten Chip)
No personal food or snacks. The grubmaster will provide all the food for the patrol.
Fire starter (firesteel, magnesium, tinder, etc; with your Firem’n Chit)
Bug spray
Work gloves (for service projects)
2-way radio (channel 4, subchannel 10)
Pencil and paper
Playing cards, board games, frisbee, football

Water activity

Swim suit & towel
Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
Swim shirt (fast drying)
Fishing gear

Gear Deals

Scouts Direct

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REI Outlet

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Gear Trade

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