Scout Information

It’s Time to Start Your Adventures

Troop 410 has something for every interest: monthly campouts, service projects, special events, and BSA sponsored activities. As a Scout in Troop 410 you’re setting off on a journey that will change your life. Our canoeing, hiking, biking, and flying (yes flying) activities will prepare you for the ultimate fun: High Adventure Trips including  Backpacking at Philmont and Big Bend, White Water Rafting, and Sailing the Caribbean at Sea Base.

Get In The Know

Scout Led

Troop 410 is “Scout led” meaning that the scouts (not the adults) plan and run the meetings and the outings. Scouts get an opportunity to plan, prepare and implement the troop’s activities, with some guidance from the adult leaders and parents. The troop firmly believes that learning leadership skills is a key aspect of the scouting experience.


Boys and adult leaders are expected to wear the full Scout uniform, or an approved alternate, to all troop activities. Class A Uniform – Includes the BSA Approved Scout Shirt, Pants, and Socks. Must be worn at Troop Meetings and during all Troop travel including campouts. Class B Uniform – Includes the BSA Approved Scout Pants and Troop or other Scout T-Shirt. Class B is an approved alternate to the full uniform, but is only worn during camping trips, service projects, and other times as announced by the Scoutmaster. In all cases, the boys must be neat in appearance. Shirt tails must be tucked in, and close toed shoes worn, unless otherwise approved.


Start reading your Scout Handbook, beginning with the first sections. Locate the pages for the Tenderfoot rank requirements in the back of the book, and read the pages indicated for each that you plan to work on. Also see BSA videos for rank requirements.

Be Active

Attend as many troop meetings, activities, and campouts that you can. Your frequent participation will jumpstart your adventures and help you meet fellow scouts. Always bring your Handbook for signoffs of requirement completions and to log campouts and service hours; YOU are responsible for getting these done, not your leaders.

Get Organized

Start a Scouting “work-in-process” ring binder notebook and use it to hold your gear lists, campout plans, merit badge requirement lists, open merit badge “blue cards” (in a page protector), notebook paper, pencil or pen, and anything else you need to bring to a meeting or workshop. Scan, scan and scan! Please scan your advancement items and email them to the Troop’s advancement email address. You’ll want to scan your rank pages from your Scout Handbook on a regular basis and email them to our advancement coordinator so he or she can enter them into Scout Book. Also scan and send your completed Blue Cards (with the Scoutmaster’s signature evidencing completion), along with your signed Service Hour forms, camping log pages, etc. Please make sure to keep electronic copies for your Scout’s records in case something gets lost.

Get In The Know

Add yourself to your Troop email distribution list.

Registration & Camping Fees

There is an annual troop registration fee (currently $150.00) per Scout is due each year. There are additional fees for monthly campouts and summer and winter camp. No boy will be denied admission to the troop or to attend monthly campouts and/or summer and winter camps due to an inability to pay the registration or camping fees. If such a situation exists, please contact the Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chairperson.


In addition to a uniform, each new Scout will need to purchase a copy of the Boy Scout Handbook. Prior to going on his first campout, he will also need: * Lightweight, synthetic-filled, mummy style sleeping bay, 30º or lower rating * Closed-cell foam sleeping pad or equivalent * Poncho or rain jacket/pants * Mess Kit During campouts, the troop provides cooking utensils, chuck boxes, and other items needed by the patrols. As the Scout advances, he may become interested in backpacking and other activities which will require additional equipment.

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