Covert Ops 2022

April 2022


Troop 410 headed out to Goldthwaite TX for our annual Covert Ops campout in April. Unlike most campouts, Covert Ops is planned entirely by the Troop adult leadership and is a surprise for the Scouts. This year’s operation had the Scouts working to help a well-known billionaire, famous for his rockets and electric cars, escape from a rogue army trying to kidnap him.

Scouts navigated the hilly west Texas terrain covered in cedar trees and brush to find multiple stations where they learned and practiced the skills needed to help our friend escape.

The Scouts started their day learning how to navigate using a camp and compass. Using a map with dots to represent the stations the Scouts trek for miles to each of their stations. Scouts demonstrated how to use an axe to chop cedar trees and they cleared a path by removing old fencing. They also learned how to identify wounds and treat injuries including head injuries and broken bones – all of which could be needed should things go bad during the escape. Scouts also worked on how to start a fire and boil water as well as lashings to make a shelter should we need to stay in hidden in the woods longer.

The Scouts showed bravery and perseverance on this challenging campout. When one patrol became lost and their adult leader became incapacitated they stayed calm and worked together to improve the situation.

After completing each station the Scouts were given a clue that would help them find their dinner. Nothing would be more appropriate for a Covert Ops dinner than an assortment of MREs for dinner and hand-cranked ice cream.

We ended the night with a fire ban-appropriate campfire of Christmas lights and great skits. No one will forget the “A Scout is Trustworthy” or the adult caterpillar skit.